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The Original Collection exists in part because we spent years travelling the globe, but never quite finding the perfect character hotel. Although we searched high and low, that holy-grail-of-a-stay eluded us.

Truly inspiring places that combine lots of local character and a consistent level of delivery are rare. Amazing character but inconsistent and eccentric service – yes. Consistent delivery and service but slightly bland and uninspiring – yes. Never the best bits of both. Our mission is to change that.

The Original Collection (Oco) brings together a group of charmingly different hotels and venues, scattered across the British Isles. Our places not only project their own histories and personalities – and those of their localities – but they do it with an exceptional level of warmth, informality and consistency.

Our Collection is guided by three principles:

  • Memorable experiences.
  • Authentically crafted.
  • Warmly delivered.
The River Forss


"Our hunt for hidden gems is a lifelong passion. We've become the 'hotel explorers', constantly searching far and wide to create those hidden gems that great memories are made of."
Nick and Charlotte Dent, Founders

We passionately believe that every member of our Collection should feel like a rare find. The kind of place you feel lucky to have discovered. You know the ones; the places you keep to yourself, rather than tell your friends about. With individual, charming and unexpected features that stimulate the mind, stir the heart and nurture the soul, our places are home to lifelong memories.

We scour the British Isles for special properties. Since 2013 we've welcomed 10 hidden gems to our Collection, including hotels, restaurants, bars and wedding venues. The Original Collection is one of the fastest growing boutique collections in the UK. Over the past decade we have lovingly transformed each of our places.

Piper at Shieldaig Lodge in the West Highlands


Our Collection is not defined by how convenient our places are to reach, rather it is made up of magical destinations that we have discovered and where we want to spend time. Take the breathtaking Applecross Pass to the Isle of Skye, leave the mainland behind and ride the wild waves to mystical Orkney, go on a 'Scottish Safari' across the epic West Highlands… the journey to our places is part of the adventure. Fabulous food, divine drinks and a superb night’s sleep await. These will always be at the heart of a good experience, but to be truly memorable requires so much more.

We believe that visiting a great hotel, restaurant or venue is fundamentally about more than a collection of objects and locations. It's a sensory experience – a culmination of physical experiences and intangible emotions that will remain long after you leave. From falconry at our Scottish hunting lodge to afternoon tea in the Cotswolds, whisky flights on the Orkney Isles to a shot of Drambuie in its birthplace on the Isle of Skye, each of our places offers a selection of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. They are authentically crafted and utterly unforgettable.

Cocktail Hour at Melville Castle near Edinburgh


Our places are nothing without our people, our Oco Family. We celebrate the differences and individual characters of our Oco Family as much as we cherish the charm of our places. But there is one factor upon which we insist: warm, informal and unobtrusive hospitality. You can always walk into any of our places and feel like you are meeting up with an old friend. Whilst the surroundings may change, the ambience and service will not. It will always be warm, informal, and relaxed. That is our guarantee.

When we stumbled across Widbrook Grange (our firstborn) back in 2013, we were looking for a family home. Instead, we found a tired B&B with potential we couldn't ignore. When we set out on that journey, we weren't hoteliers  and we still don't see ourselves as such. But we have followed our passions hosting, eating, drinking and sleeping well. Today, our Oco Family is integral to this. It is our greatest pride.
Nick and Charlotte Dent, Founders

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