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Green tourism and sustainable stays

Original Collection understands the importance of our responsibility for future generations and how the choices we make at our hotels, if they're not environmentally driven, could affect this.

This is why we have been working with Green Tourism to achieve its eco-friendly accreditation and ensure that we provide sustainable stays for all our customers.

As a business, we don't do 'green' by halves; we're evolving our operations to protect our natural environment from any adverse effects our hotel could have. Everything from reducing energy use and saving water to staying local and seasonal and minimising food miles – plus lots more in between – form part of sustainability agenda.

We believe that making conscious changes, implementing them in every aspect of your stay and actively seeking out more ecological choices is more about the journey than the destination. This is why we're proud to say that we've taken our first steps towards adopting a smart, sustainable outlook from top to bottom, showcasing efficient and eco-friendly decisions.

Follow us as we shift into the sustainable tourism space. For now, take a closer look at the policies and processes we've already implemented to be kinder to our planet.

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